4th memorial race - Priboj

добродошли! Priboj welcomed the 4th memorial race

Last weekend, Rafting Asocijacija Srbije (Rafting Association Serbia – RAS) held the 4th memorial race for Aleksa Kojadinović on the river Lim, Priboj, Serbia. It was also the 2nd event in the IRF’s 2021 Euro Cup Series, the Dracula Race having been the first. Despite a smaller number of teams competing due to the pandemic,

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Aleksa Kojadinović memorial raft race

A fitting memorial for Aleksa Kojadinović in Priboj

The third memorial raft race for Aleksa Kojadinović was held in Priboj, Serbia on the river Lim. Normally this IRF Euro Cup and Serbian National Cup is held in the spring with a hope of the new year and fresh racing ahead. 2020 as seems normal now, decided that would not be the case. Due

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Rafting field lessons

Rafting field lessons for Uni of Belgrade students

Last month, the city of Priboj, Serbia, hosted third-year students of the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education, University of Belgrade for a field lesson. Rafting field lessons were realised in the form of a full-day adventure aimed at organising a rafting trip. This excursion is part of the Nature Activities curriculum. The goals of

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Aleksa Kojadinovic Memorial Euro Cup

Aleksa Kojadinovic Memorial Euro Cup R4 2020

The third Aleksa Kojadinovic Memorial Euro Cup R4 will be held in Priboj, Serbia on November 20th to 22nd 2020. Organiser of this Euro Cup is Rafting Club “Eko Lim” from Priboj and contact for informations is : Dejan Puzovic: +381649149393 Full details available on the Rafting Association of Serbia website. Post event: Results Article

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