Dragon Boating – a modern sport with ancient traditions

Many a dragon boater has crossed over and raced in rafts, and vice versa. And so it is with many other sports. Therefore over the coming months we will be presenting the history of other paddle sport organisations as we also look into expanding our friendships with these and other organisations. Long standing history Dragon

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Rafting and the Olympics: The Road Ahead

IRF Executive CommitteeJune 2018   An Open Letter to IRF Members and Followers:       Most of you are aware that the newly created World Rafting Federation (WRF) and certain people in the International Canoe Federation (ICF) signed a cooperative agreement shortly after we (the IRF) filed our application for membership in the Global

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As far as international raZiyuan Rafting Festival 2018

Ziyuan Rafting Festival 2018 is proceeding at full steam

As far as international rafting festivals go, Ziyuan Rafting Festival 2018 is well on it’s way to leaving big boots to fill. In a country that boasts over 50 diverse ethnicities before considering any foreign influences, China has a changing environment and growing economy that defies the odds compared to what the rest of the

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