As far as international raZiyuan Rafting Festival 2018

Ziyuan Rafting Festival 2018 is proceeding at full steam

As far as international rafting festivals go, Ziyuan Rafting Festival 2018 is well on it’s way to leaving big boots to fill.

In a country that boasts over 50 diverse ethnicities before considering any foreign influences, China has a changing environment and growing economy that defies the odds compared to what the rest of the world has grown to know. China is a country proud of its heritage and keen to show to the world how it can host world class events across all fields of engagement and activity.

The Ziyuan Rafting Festival 2018 is like no other you’ve seen. Bringing teams together from across the globe from as far away as Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and Australia and race circuit familiars in between, this four day festival will see three days of raft racing followed by SUP and Dragon Boat contests.

It’s not the first time they’ve hosted an IRF World Cup, but they certainly want to show they can make it bigger and better than before. There are now 15 confirmed teams attending from across the globe and this will be complemented by China’s own rafting best. This is set to be a spectacle of rafting and paddlesports fit for any water lover.

No more places for the Ziyuan Rafting Festival 2018

There are no more spaces available for international teams to this event. However, if your team are interested to attend another event in China, there will be the YuShu Rafting World Cup in August (8-12) – more details will be released in early May – be sure to sign up as soon as details are released as this is sure to be a very popular event.

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