Get to know your BOD – Pieter Bekkers

Pieter Bekkers first joined the IRF Board of Directors in 2011 where he oversaw the Media & Marketing section of the IRF for a few years, then became Chair of Sport & Competition, and later he became Treasurer. In 2021 he was approved as an Honourary BOD Member. He was and still is very involved

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Get to know your BOD – Emilia Peneva

Emilia Peneva has been a member of the IRF Board of Directors since 2013 when she became Co-chair of Recreational Rafting and Conservation together with the late Rafael Gallo. She has been Chair of Recreational Rafting since 2017. Her rafting experience started in 2002. The year before that they had established a club for adventure

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Get to know your BOD – Sue Liell-Cock

Sue Liell-Cock was a part of the IRF founding group who met in Augsburg, Germany in May 1997. She became Secretary General in 1998 and has been holding that position since then, working with three Presidents – first Peter Micheler, then Rafael Gallo and now Joe Willis Jones. We spoke to Sue to find out

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Get to know your BOD – Goran Lolic

Goran Lolic was voted as Chair of the Judges Committee and therefore was appointed to the BOD for the first time at the last Congress in 2021. He has been involved in a number of IRF committees for many years before this, namely the Judges Committee, the Sport & Competition Committee, and the Euro Race

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Get to know your IRF BOD – Aleš Danek

Aleš Danek has been Chair of the Athletes’ Commission for a lot longer than expected! Usually elections for the Athlete’s Commission are held annually at each World Rafting Championship (WRC). However, with the pandemic preventing our WRC from happening over the past two years Aleš has had an extended time as Chair. We spoke to Aleš

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Welcome to Honorary IRF BOD members

The IRF warmly welcomes two recently appointed Honorary IRF BOD members – neither of whom are strangers to the IRF Board of Directors, or indeed to many of you. Peter Micheler As a past IRF President, Peter was bestowed the title of Honorary President at the 2021 Congress. Honorary Presidents primarily serve as an IRF

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