Get to know your IRF BOD – Aleš Danek

Aleš Danek has been Chair of the Athletes’ Commission for a lot longer than expected! Usually elections for the Athlete’s Commission are held annually at each World Rafting Championship (WRC). However, with the pandemic preventing our WRC from happening over the past two years Aleš has had an extended time as Chair.

We spoke to Aleš to find out more.

Can you give us a short history of your rafting experience?
I´ve been doing rafting for more than 25 years already, since 1995, which was my first Czech national championship. From that time on I have had a lot of friends in rafting and spent a lot of time on rafting trips worldwide and met many interesting athletes. I love rafting.

Why did you get involved with rafting?
Desire to achieve a lot of rafting medals in WRC and ERC and visit as much as possible foreign countries :))

What do you hope to achieve in your time on the BOD?
It depends on what raft races and champs happen after the pandemic, when rafting will take place again, and if I´m elected as Chair of Athletes Commission again and so back on the BOD. That´s not sure, but I would like to try to have an affect on any rafting race rules.

Are there any other activities / sports you are involved with? How does this influence / impact on your time with rafting?
I try to do a lot of additional sports – jogging, fitness, football, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing.

What is your favourite rafting destination and why?
India – because it´s totally crazy and unbelievable!

Which is your favourite WRC or ERC and why?
ERC Lipno in Czech Republic – very wild river and precious organisation. WRC on the Alumine River, Argentina – clear natural river and mountain, the best beef steaks and wine!

What is your favourite sport to watch on TV?
Any of that.

If you could host a celebrity dinner party, which five guests would you invite and why (they can be living or deceased)?
Just five cheerful rafting athletes who like to take several beers and be cool! :)

Links: Aleš’s National Rafting Federation is Svaz vodáků České republiky – Rafting

The 2022 Athletes’ Commission nominations are now open. The commission is made up of seven people from around the world, three representatives from the European Region, two from the Pan American Region and two from the Asia/Oceania Region They will be on the commission until the following WRC in 2023.