Rafting for all ages, abilities and adventures

The Recreational Rafting Committee is tasked with advancing Article 5, Section 12 of the Bylaws:

Encourage the development of recreational rafting as a contribution to a healthy lifestyle for all ages and abilities.

Recreational Rafting is a water based activity available to everyone. We share many articles on our social media and website for those wanting to take up the thrills of white water rafting, to those looking for peaceful trips on quiet rivers where you can just be as one with nature.

The IRF’s Guide Training & Education (GTE) system is the only globally recognised raft guide certification.

You can find a rafting tour operator with IRF certified guides here.

Recreational rafting that is accessible/ inclusive/ adaptive

Besides our Para Raft Racing, there are many rafting operators in the world who are making rafting more and more accessible for those less abled so they too can get into rafts and enjoy the thrill of white water. Read Accessible Tourism – a great way to boost your numbers to find out what you, as an operator, can do to make your trips more accessible/ inclusive.

Below we will be highlighting recreational operators who cater for accessible/ inclusive rafting, and providing some links to informative websites about this.

If you are a rafting tour operator or an organisation or know of  ones that offer or work in inclusive/ accessible tourism, then please send us the details and what it is that is offered so we can list them on our website here.

Rafting Operators
Informative links

When doing your own research, search using “accessible” or “inclusive” or “adaptive” rafting.

Recent recreational rafting news

Para Rafting

Accessible Tourism – a great way to boost your numbers

What is accessible tourism? Accessible tourism is also known as Inclusive tourism, but what ever you call it, or however you define it, the meaning and aim is the same. “Accessible tourism is the ongoing endeavor to ensure tourist destinations, products, and services are accessible to all people, regardless of their physical or intellectual limitations,

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Rafael Gallo
Guide / Safety

Rafael Gallo leaves us in body but never in spirit or mind

The IRF, and indeed the entire rafting world, has been deeply saddened by the passing of Rafael Gallo, Honorary President of the IRF. The outpouring of messages has been huge and an indication of the respect that so many held for Rafa. A true show of the vast number of people from all round the

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Sustainable raft tourism

Does sustainable raft tourism exist?

Can travel for rafting be considered eco, responsible or sustainable raft tourism? By its very nature, rafting involves travel. In the traditional sense, rafting involves lashing logs together and poling or paddling on water. Human powered transportation of goods or people assisted by water flow from one point to another. Today rafting is more commonly

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