Race documents for Judges and event organisers:

  1. Judges Handbook This workbook is to be used at all IRF WRC and all IRF events by the Jury as a reference. It is also recommend to be read by the race organizer prior to the event.
  2. Boat Check Sheet This sheet is used to record that each raft has been checked and falls within the rules
  3. Judging positions – for all races:  This is a blank sheet that can be used to record all the positions of the Judges
  4. Judging positions – example for H2H: This sheet includes examples for where to place Judges for the H2H
  5. Protest Sheet: This is a standard Protest sheet which team captain’s complete to hand in to the Jury/specified Judge when they are protesting something. It can be used at any events.
  6. Penalty sheet for H2H, DR Judges record any penalties seen during the H2H or Downriver on here using a new sheet for each discipline.
  7. Penalty sheet for Starts (Sprint,Slalom,H2H,DR) Judges use one of these sheets for each disciplines to record any start penalties.
  8. Slalom Section Judge sheet …
  9. R6 Slalom Gate Penalty Sheet: Each gate Judge must use one of these sheets for each run to record in detail any penalties they see at any of their designated gates.
  10. R4 Slalom Gate Penalty Sheet: Each gate Judge must use one of these sheets for each run to record in detail any penalties they see at any of their designated gates.

The following are templates of documents that Judges, Head Judges, Judge Workshop Instructors and event organisers may need to complete, either at events or at other times:

  1. Judge Experience Log Sheet: Use this sheet to keep a log of all the judging you do at events. This log sheet can then be used if you ever apply to upgrade your certification to the next level or if you apply to Judge at an IRF A or B level event.
  2. Chief Judge application form: Any General Judge who has sufficient experience according to this form may apply for the Chief Judge certification. This application is to be sent in to the Head of the Judges Committee via the IRF Secretary. The Judges Committee will then assess the application.
  3. Jury and Judge Selection criteria: This lists the criteria used to select the Jury and Judges for A and B level events
  4. Head Judge – Intro Workshop for ALL Judges at the event: this is what the Head Judge goes through with all the judges before the event starts so that everyone knows what is expected of them, what protocols are to be followed, etc so that everyone is doing things the same way.
  5. Head Judge – Judge Assessment sheet to be completed after event: The Head Judge at A and B level events (optional for other events) must complete this sheet after the event. This sheet lists all the Judges that judged at the event, what position they worked in and comments on their work. This is then kept as a record by the IRF and is used to check judging experience and assessments.
  6. Instructor – Judges Workshop for New Judges: What is to be included when running a Judges Workshop
  7. Instructor – Judges Workshop Assessment details sheet: This form is to be completed when a Judges Workshop is run. It is to be completed by the person who ran the Workshop and sent to the IRF Secretary for our records and also so that the list of certified Judges on the website may be updated.