Amazing Season 2022 Recap!

Wow! What a season is behind us…

We still don’t stop, let’s understand each other. But when we stop for a second and look back… We have something to see!

So, let’s remember together everything that we have managed to achieve so far in 2022..

During the year, we tried to bring each member of BOD closer to you. We want all of you all to feel as part of our Rafting Family, and for that to happen, we all need to get to know each other well.

We organized workshops for new rafting judges. Considering that we are doing everything to expand our beloved sport, we need to have as many experts and people who know the rules as possible.

We had a really great training and certification for some new Rafting Guides. Now we all are even stronger and safer!

In addition to many local competitions around the world, we also had the biggest one this year – the World Championship. As always, Banja Luka (BiH), Rafting Club Kanjon and Alex Pastir raised the Rafting competition to a level that is difficult to reach. We collected the best possible memories from that championship and we have the task of following such examples in the future.


We had regattas, organizations and seminars for river conservation. We had a World Youth Festival.

We also celebrated the 25th birthday of the IRF! Helloooo?! 25 years!!

And we have something else to tell you.

There’s no way we’re going to stop there. There is no way to stop doing what we love the most.