Third Time’s Lucky

The „lucky rule“ has applied to another race that took place in Czech Republic – this time in the southern Bohemia close to town of České Budějovice. The local racing area provides good white water terrain for both beginners and advanced paddlers and it is surrounded by beautiful nature. It is always great experience to come over there.

Even though the weather has played games with the race participants again, at the end of the day everybody had a blast!  On Saturday the organizers prepared an attractive slalom race for almost fifty R4 teams from Czech Republic and Slovakia. There were also 28 teams in R2 category who enjoyed fun paddling in Vltava river. The National Championship in R4 MIX race was also a part of the slalom programme – the combination of men’s power and women’s calmness together created a perfect whole, which was cool to watch and even better to be part of!

Sunday was dedicated to sprints. This time there was no H2H competition, so the organizers  planned 2 sprint runs (which is actually pretty common in Czech Republic). The sum of the times from both runs determined the winner. The fastest team of all others was „TR ZUBR“.

Rozozec Cup was the last race of the Czech R4 Cup Series for this season as well as the peak of the Czech nomination battles for the 2023 season. Now we know, that „PRSI Team Mladá Boleslav“ and „TR ZUBR“ will be competing internationaly in OM category, „RK Troja – Čoromoro“ and „Bohouš & Spitfire“ in OW. Top teams in MM are „PRSI Veterán“ and „TR MASTERS“ and MW will be represented by „Kočičky Letohrad“. „LET-CI Letohrad“ and „Krysáci YES R4“ made it through the youth men selection , „RK Troja Juniorky“ and „LSGirls Letohrad“ are the top of youth ladies. Juniors will be represented by „Youngster YES R4“ and „LET-GUN Letohrad“ in men and „Pampelišky YES R4“ with „RC Juniorky HANACE“ in women category. You can see all these teams competing next year at the European Championship in Czech Republic!

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2022 Czech Cup Results and rankings:

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