Thank you to the Vrbas and Tara

The IRF’s 19th World Rafting Championship (WRC) recently drew to a close. And there are so many to thank for the incredible event.

The BiH WRC 2022 Organising Committee must be thanked profusely for stepping in to organise the event with only six months preparation time when the previous hosts had to cancel. The ever changing effects and restrictions of the pandemic hovering over the organising team were a continuous unknown that had to be dealt with. And then added to that was the war in Ukraine which had sweeping effects throughout. Despite all these problems, Alex Pastir and his Organising team worked through it all and produced an incredible event.

As always the Vrbas and Tara Rivers brought smiles to all those who participated in the event. And the team of volunteers, friends and sports lovers that helped make the event happen must all be thanked for their hard work, happy smiles and intent on making things happen.

The teams are always the up-front participants at these events, but there is always a massive team behind the scenes making it all happen. The Judges, Time Keepers/Scorers, Safety Team, Media photographers and videographers, Race Organisers, PR teams, security, medical, officials, volunteers and of course supporters – all these people, and more all contribute to making the WRC happen – and all deserve our heartfelt thanks for all their time and dedication put in to making the event work so well.

The eye catching colour of the water as well as the exhilarating and challenging rapids running at the base of the green, mountainous forests all immediately stand out in the stunning photos and videos from the WRC, and will always be there as a great reminder as to what excellent locations the Vrbas and Tara are for a WRC.

As the new World Champions enjoy their medals and glory we all thank you, BiH, for your excellent work on WRC 2022.