The IRF mournes the loss of one of our family – Jordanka Bogdanova (1988-2022)

Jordanka Bogdanova, known to many of us as Dani, passed away on 16 June in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She was involved in a very serious vehicle accident on the 5 June while traveling near Capljina. She was in a coma, in a hospital in Mostar for 15 days. But as strong and determined as she was, she did not recover, and left us. The news has shocked the raft racing world.

JordankaDani first got involved in raft racing as a member of Bulgaria’s ‘Reflip’ racing team, then became certified as an IRF judge in 2015 at the European Championships in Banja Luka.  With her positive attitude, strong work ethic and unassuming demeanor, Dani quickly became a favorite among IRF judges.  Often being one of the first judges to volunteer her services, she judged at rafting competitions across Europe and at several World Championships. In 2017, to judge at the Euro Champs, she rode her motorcycle from Sofia to Borjomi in Georgia, more than 2000 km in one direction. She was the chief judge at the National Competition of the Bulgarian Rafting Federation, as well as at last year’s Euro Cup Ibar 2021 in Serbia.

Dani was selected as an official judge at the recent World Rafting Championship 2022 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which concluded on the 2nd June. After first joining other WRC officials taking in some of the area’s tourist activities, Dani set off on a motorcycle tour of the region on her way back to Bulgaria where tragedy struck.

Dani Bogdanova


“Dani was a beautiful person. We shall all miss her very much.” said IRF President, Joe Willis Jones, and he quoted Thomas Bailey Aldrich – “What is lovely never dies, but passes into another loveliness, Star-dust or sea-foam, Flower or winged air.” 

RIP Jordanka Bogdanova – Dani. You will live always in our hearts, and be your lovely self.