WRC 2022 team entry deadline fast approaching

The official World Rafting Championships WRC 2022 team entry closing date coming up fast. All teams should register sooner rather than later. With no official World Rafting Championships for the last two years, excitement is running high and a record number of teams is expected to attend the IRF 2022 World Rafting Championships!

Team numbers

The number of teams that have indicated they are coming to the 2022 World Rafting Championships in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been overwhelming and exciting. With only small events and no official world level rafting competitions over the last two years, teams are hungry to get back into racing action and to get together again with their rafting friends from all over the world.

Don’t wait until the last minute

With so many teams expected to enter this WRC there is going to be large amounts of time consuming administration to ensure all teams are approved in time. We’d therefore like to encourage all teams and federations to get their entries in as soon as possible so as to avoid the rush and potential delays which inevitably occur around the Team Entry closing date.

Download the Team Entry Form here. Forms must be submitted by your federation to: register@internationalrafting.com before 10 March 2022.

Read Team information letter 1 (2022-01-24) for important information to be able to plan your trip.

WRC 2022 team entryClosing Date

The closing date for Team Entries to be in to IRF Admin is the 10 March – only a little over two weeks away!

To speed approvals up we ask that Team Entries are submitted by the official representative of the member organisation. Teams will be checked to ensure they are:

  1. The official team for the category they are entering
  2. That all the paddlers are of the correct age (check ages for the different divisions)
  3. That all paddlers are of the correct nationality. If a paddler does not hold a passport of the country they are representing they will need to apply for permission from the IRF to race for that nation. Sending in their official permanent residency in that nation is one way, or they can submit evidence as set out in the official guidance here.

Due date of Entry Fees

The Entry Fee is due by the 24 March. Details of where to pay will be sent out this week, as well as details of the cancellation fees.

Key information