Get to know your IRF BOD – Jasmina Marčok

Jasmina Marčok was elected as Treasurer at the IRF’s last Congress which was held virtually in November 2021. With her twenty-eight years of accounting experience, and many years experience as finance manager, her experience and knowledge is a boost for the IRF’s financial accumen.

We spoke to Jasmina to find out more.

Can you give us a short history of your rafting experience?
Since 2013 I actively participated in the work of club of extreme sports PUSTOLOV, from Stari Banovci, Serbia. First it was as an organiser of tourist trips from which the club was financed, later it was also as a competitor in the Masters Men’s team, and as secretary of the club. After moving to Romania in 2017 I had to leave the club, but in order to remain active in this sport, I became a Race Judge. Willing to learn as much as possible about this part of rafting, I volunteered as a judge at several World and European competitions organized by the International Rafting Federation.

Why did you get involved with rafting?
I started rafting out of pure curiosity and a desire to try my hand at a sport that is related to nature and the natural environment.

What do you hope to achieve in your time on the BOD in the next few years?
I would like to move the IRF’s financial capabilities forward and streamline many of the processes including striving for reduced banking fees and easier access to payment methods for all members.

What plans have you developed for the next two years?
We are looking into modernising and simplifying the accounting processes so it takes less time and can produce reports more easily. We are also looking into ensuring that it is as easy as possible for our members, guides, etc to pay while also not costing them or us much in banking fees.

JasminaWhat is your favourite rafting destination and why?
Rivers in Bosnia – Krivaja, Vrbas and Tara Rivers. They are close to me and you can reach them quickly, and in addition to the beautiful nature, there are also friends who have eventually become family.

Which is your favourite WRC or ERC and why?
I don’t have that many to choose from yet, but Argentina 2018 made a big impression on me.

If you could host a celebrity dinner party, which five guests would you invite and why (they can be living or deceased)?
The Rolling Stones. It should be a party, right?

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