Rafael Gallo was honoured at the Paddle Sports Show 2021

On 30 August 2021, IRF Honorary President, Rafael Gallo was honoured during the industry dinner at the 2021 Paddle Sports Show in Lyon, France. Risa Shimoda of International Whitewater Hall of Fame (IWHoF) presented the annual inductees for the 2021 year at the show and concluded with a short presentation where Rafael Gallo was honoured.

During her presentation Risa shared some personal words recollecting her friendship and working with Rafa over the years. She took the opportunity to share personal messages of gratitude to Rafa from IRF President Joe Willis Jones and Roberto Gallo, Rafa’s son and one of the directors of RAFA.

You can view Joe Willis Jones and Roberto Gallo’s videos here:


Recently the IRF, IWHoF and Rivers and Forests Alliance (RAFA formerly Project RAFA) partnered to raise funds for projects dear to Rafa. It is a pleasure to state that the original goal of $5,000 USD has now been passed and is on track to raising over $6,000 in total.

Read more about the GoFundMe campaign or donate to the campaign here.

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