6th White Water of Siberia forum

#RiverFamily grows in 6th White Water of Siberia forum

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The 6th White Water of Siberia international cultural and sports rafting forum has drawn to a successful close. The #RiverFamily has grown with new members from across Europe and Asia. The forum was attended by 26 participants from nine countries: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and of course Russia.

6th White Water of Siberia forumDuring the forum participants had the opportunity to get acquainted not only with the culture of Russia but also with the culture of other countries. All participants were struck by the boundless expanses of Russia, the extraordinary beauty and diversity of the Altai nature: mighty and majestic mountains, clear river waters, clean air etc. Everyone found something different but unique to them.

During the whitewater and raft race edutcation and training sessions, forum members learned a lot about the existing paddling techniques, how important for the team to become a single unit, to be able to listen to each other and to trust the captain. Rafting on the stormy and noisy rivers of the Altai, the athletes, in addition to unforgettable impressions, also received tremendous practical experience from the best rafters in the world. And the acquaintance with such different, active and ideological people influenced each participant.

Everyone was charged with the energy of each other and nature; and inspired for new achievements, they left for their countries. Many of the participants promised to return to the Altai once again.

The 6th White Water of Siberia International Cultural and Sports Rafting Forum was hosted by the Russian Rafting Federation.

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