GTE conference 2021

GTE Conference 2021 plans

Many events over the past year have had to rethink how they operate. The IRF GTE Conference 2021 is no different. Large numbers of events have not been able to operate face to face and many have opted for online formats.

After careful consideration of travel restrictions, pandemic effects, the health and wellbeing of all our Instructors and officials, we have taken the decision to cancel the IRF’s GTE Instructor Conference that was scheduled for May this year in France. We have taken this decision based on the facts known about travel restrictions and health awareness.

GTE Conference 2021 – online

Although we will not be holding a face to face conference, we will host an online GTE Instructor Conference over the European summer period.

The conference will not be able to hold it’s usual water based activities but it will be used to update all Assessors and Instructors in current best practice, recent changes to the GTE system, future plans for the GTE system and include interactive Q&A sessions.

The conference will be held twice in order to be accessible by all Instructors. One will be at a convenient European time and the second in a time convenient to America, Asia and Oceania time zones.

GTE conference 2021 dates will be published in the next couple of weeks with event registration opening in early April.


Impact to Instructor renewals for 2020 and 2021

Because of the travel restrictions and effects of the pandemic on our Instructors being able to conduct workshops over the last year, we will be making changes to Instructor renewals for 2020 and 2021. In March, we will be emailing these details to all Instructors who expired during 2020 or are due to renew in 2021. If this affects you, be sure that we have your correct email address on record. You can let us know by direct email or by contacting us on the website here.