Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

Tully, Australia, is slowly filling up with rafters from the far corners of the world. Some are arriving early so as to be familiar with the river and location once the racing starts. Others will stay on afterwards to sample the attractions of this far north section of Queensland. And all will enjoy typical Aussie fair while there … but what is typical of that part of Australia?

Tully Golden Gumboot

To see and do in and around Tully:

  • Tully Gorge National Park and rafting – well the races are right in the park, so you’ll be able to tick both those off quickly!
  • The Golden Gumboot! Right there in Tully town, next to the Event Head Quarters at the Show Ground.
  • Tully Sugar Mill Tours
  • Climb Mount Tyson
  • Tully Heritage Trail

Going further away from Tully you have:

  • Just off the coast: Great Barrier Reef – needing no explanations! A must-do/ bucket list item. Get out there and get snorkelling!
  • Mission Beach – beaut beach worth visiting
  • And so much more! Check ExperienCo out for more ideas

To Eat – typical to Queensland:

  • Barramundi

    Lots of sea food! “Delicacies such as Moreton Bay bugs, mud crabs, king and tiger prawns, mackerel, sea scallops and fresh barramundi.

  • Delicious range of fruits, such as avocados, mangoes, pawpaws, pineapples, strawberries and bananas.
  • Native Macadamia nuts are found in all kinds of concoctions including desserts, and in salads” says Worldtravelguide.net

To drink – the alcohol options:

  • The local beer is XXXX or better known as 4-X
  • This is where Bundaberg Rum is made, using the locally grown sugar cane.

Animals to try see:

  • Southern Cassowary

    Crocodiles! The freshwater ones and the salties (yes, in the sea)! Fortunately none where we’ll be rafting!

  • Kangaroos … obviously, and Wallabies, their smaller cousins.
  • Definitely try see: the blue tongued lizard, frilled neck lizard, and the flying fox (fruit bats or megabats) which hang about in trees!
  • Southern Cassowary are native to N. Queensland and a protected species.

Slang you may need to know:

  • G’Day – Hi!, Hello!
  • No worries – no problem
  • Give it a burl – make a try!
  • Good onya – good for you
  • Piece of piss – very easy task
  • Barbie – barbecue
  • Tinny – beer in a can
  • Brekkie – a breakfast
  • Bikkie – a  biscuit
  • Mozzie – a mosquito
  • Sunnies – sunglasses
  • Cossie – a swimming suit
  • Polly – a police officer
  • Pozzy – taking a good position
  • Ambo – ambulance, ambulance driver
  • Servo – a gas station
  • Arvo – an afternoon
  • Evo – an evening
  • Seppo – an American
  • Fair Dinkum – confirming the truthfulness of a sentence
  • Apples, she’ll be – It’ll be alright
  • Banana bender – someone from Queensland
  • Dog’s breakfast – complete chaos, mess
  • Footy –  Australian football