What’s coming up on the IRF events calendar?

This is always a very busy time in the IRF with the Northern Hemisphere season kicking off, and this year we add to that by having our World Champs and our Congress in May! The racing season picks up pace and there are plenty of GTE Workshops to choose from stretching around the world.

Congress 2019 – 13 and 15 May, Tully, Queensland, Australia!

Competitions on the near horizon (May/June):

  • The big favourite of the Euro Cup events – EC Wildalpen is on this weekend! Keep an eye on our social media to see what’s happening there. 12 nations, 24 men’s teams, 9 women’s teams!
  • And don’t forget from 22 to 23 June it is EC R4 Trnavka AND Czech Cup!
  • Switzerland is launching itself into the competitive racing world and are holding their National Champs from 18 – 19 May in Château d’Oex, Vaud.
  • Slovakia’s National Selections are happening on the 25 May in familiar Cunovo, Bratislava.
  • The “Crazy Chuya” event is happening late May on the Chuya-Mazhoi River, Siberia, Russia. Chuya is an infamous river not be missed!
  • 7 to 16 June is the Great Altai Cup on the Peschanaya River, Smolenskiy district, Altai Krai in Russia.
  • EC R6 Soca, Solkan is happening on the 15 June.
  • Brazil have their 2nd R4 National Selection from the 28 to 30 June in Juquitiba.

Guide Training:

There are so many workshops being run in great places!

If you are looking for more exotic places then you need to start planning now and here are some opportunities:

  • 10 -12 Sept: Indus and Zanskar Rivers, India. Raft guide, safety kayak level 4 and trip leader level 3 assessment.
  • 15 – 18 Sept: Vuoksa RiverRussia. Details.
  • 15 – 23 Oct: Zambezi River. Details. Come early for extra training, stay on for Zambezi Whitewater Festival!
  • 12 – 16 April 2020: Illinois or Rogue River, USA. Details.

Otherwise take a look at the many courses being run in May and June – choose from Australia, Brazil, Ecuador to Austria, Turkey, Spain, Germany, France and Bosnia.  (See full details here)