IRF 20190226 race rules update

#AreYouReady to race? Updated Race Rules for 2019

Following several months of discussion and voting on proposed improvement to the race rules, the updated IRF Race Rules are now published. The amended rules take effect from 01st March 2019.

Changes were proposed by your Athletes Committee, Sports & Competition Committee, Judges Committee, IRF Board of Directors and now been voted on by the Sports & Competition Committee and come into effect from 01st March.

Summary of main changes:

  • General layout changes to simplify sections and clarify penalties and protest times
  • Define “ramming”
  • Clarification of mixed gender teams
  • Recognition of transgender athletes
  • Use of gender-inclusive language throughout the race rules
  • Further define Head-to-Head rules:
    • refinements to general H2H rules
    • define the construction and use of buoys/markers
    • limit the number of buoys/markers to four (4)
    • define the correct way to navigate each buoy/marker
  • Define course adherence for Downriver
  • Define in the case of a tie for Overall that Downriver will be the tie breaker
  • Amend scores for Slalom and Downriver: maximum for both is now 350
  • Amend percentage scores to bring overall scores closer together

Links to the updated documents:

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