ERC18 group medal photo

Thank you Slovakia and Nadácia Pantheon Foundation!

The International Rafting Federation (IRF) would like to thank Michal Cerny and his whole team for their excellent work in hosting the IRF’s 2018 European Rafting Championships in Cunovo, Slovakia.

We thank them for their willingness to work with us on all levels so that we could both achieve our objectives. We are especially grateful for the positive energy that their organising team brought to everything they did.

We’d also like to pass on our appreciation to Nadácia Pantheon Foundation and all sponsors and supporters of the event, without which the event would never have gotten off the ground.

Specific thanks must go to Michal as Event and Race Director, to Adam for all communication with ourselves and the teams participating, and a special thanks to Janka of Pantheon for her unrelenting ability to make things happen when they needed to even when challenged with inclement weather. Thanks also go to the rest of the organising team, the race course and safety teams, media team and all the others that worked so hard to make it such a success.

We appreciate all your huge efforts that were put into making this a memorable R4 Euro Rafting Championship. Well done.

We would also like to give a special thanks to Jozef Kytka and his team of IRF Jury and Judges who volunteered their time and energy to the event, and who often had to deal with and resolve difficult situations.