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A California Spring trip? Check out the Kaweah river

Spring time in California is an epic and much anticipated season for rafting. California becomes a Mecca for paddlers from around the world. The free flowing rivers begin to roar and rafting companies start up their operations on California’s best whitewater. The Kaweah River is a favourite for many.

This stunningly clear river originates high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near the aptly named Mount Kaweah. The Kaweah races through Sequoia National Park eventually reaching the gateway put-in where paddlers with previous whitewater rafting experience can join an action packed whitewater trip with a commercial rafting company. The Commercial guides out here are all seasoned professionals with years of guiding under their belt. The intensity of the run and the size of the rapids demands that only the best make the cut as guides on this river. Rapids with names like Osterizer and Suicide Falls capture the incredible power of this beast.

After 4 miles of continuous class IV the river tapers off to more of a class III feel when it enters the town of Three Rivers, California. From the end of Suicide Falls you get to enjoy about 3 miles of Class III whitewater until you reach the takeout. As the intensity ratchets down you get to enjoy the beauty of the soaring mountains that surround this amazing place. Continue reading A California Spring trip? Check out the Kaweah river

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