Doping tests at WRC 2014 Brazil

Start positions for H2H in 2018 ERC and WRC

With the new H2H format being introduced there is an option for organisers to choose what direction the rafts will be facing at the start. This option was included as sometimes the usual method of pointing the rafts downstream is harder to set up exactly evenly. Sometimes, as at WC Yushu in China in 2016, having the rafts start facing upstream in eddies on either side of the river can work perfectly.

To ensure teams know which start method will be used organisers must choose their option well ahead of time. We can therefore announce to you that for this year the options for these events is as follows:

  • ERC 2018 – facing downstream as was done in the past
  • WRC 2018 – facing downstream as was done in the past

With this new format of having buoys to negotiate along the course, which throws in far more tactical racing, the need for an exact even start is not as crucial as it was before. Having lane choice should have far less effect on the results with this new format.

The tactics will be fascinating to see at the ERC 2018 as that will be the first real test of the new format H2H with top teams.