How to calculate your IRF Membership Fees for 2020

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Firstly you need to have some idea of how many teams will be going to the Euro and/or World Champs from your country. Then you can put those numbers into this formula below and follow the steps.

WRC: Open, Masters teams: $200 x number teams =
WRC: U19, U23 teams: $160 x number teams =
ERC: Open teams: $140 x number teams =
ERC: U19, U23 teams: $100 x number teams =

Once you have calculated the TOTAL you can go onto Step 2 below:

If you are an Established Member:

– and the TOTAL is less than $550 – you will pay $550
– and the TOTAL is more than $800 – you will pay $800.
– and the TOTAL is between $550 and $800 you pay the TOTAL

If you are an Ordinary Member:

– you pay the TOTAL amount.
– If your TOTAL amount is more than $800 we suggest you contact us and convert over to being an Established Member!

This fee structure has been designed to keep the costs manageable for new and developing members and keeps the increases manageable for our members who are very active in sending larger numbers of teams to our events.

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