WWoSF 2018

White Water of Siberia – 2018 Forum – schedule is out!

This year will be the third White Water of Siberia Forum (WWOSF) to be held in Siberia – 2016 and 2017 proved very popular and successful (read more about those two events). This should be a bucket list item for all rafters – to go rafting in the Altai region!

The schedule for the 2018 WWOSF is now out so you can set aside the dates and be ready for when they call for participants:

Dates: 20 to 29 August 2018.

On the 20 and 21 August you will be in the Tomsk district for the cultural and sporting part of the forum. The forum’s opening ceremony is in Kopylovo village. There will also be the first introductory and training rafting session, checking participants’ equipment, training of the guide-instructor team, forming the rafting teams from the forum participants, some team building and introduction and assigning of the guide instructors.

Then everyone will participate in the international contest festival “Axe day – 2017” in Zorkaltsevo village. This will be followed by a conference meeting with the legendary Russian traveller – Eugene Kovalevsky. The discussion topic – international tourism and extreme travelling. This is finished off with a Gala dinner.

From the 22 to the 29 August everyone travels to the Altai Republic. Journey through the lake Teletskoe on boats, then the valley of the Chulyshman River where you will raft down the Chulyshman river (Class 4 – 5). You will also take in the Accurum natural border, Katu-Jaryk range, Kurkure Waterfall, Chulchin Waterfall, Kudyrge barrow (the archaeologists revealed a burial complex of more than 60 constructions: fences, stonework, barrows of the 6-7 century AD. The excavations provided a profound material, illustrating the culture and life of the ancient Turk tribes, inhabiting the Chulyshman valley).

There will be a conference about “The ancient history – following the path of the Silk Road.”

Then you will be meeting sportsmen, organizers, spectators and seeing the place of the traditional Russian rafting competition “Ak-Talai-Margaan”, which can be translated as “Challenging the White Water” from Altai language.

There will be a round table of open discussions with the best Russian rafting teams. The main topic of all discussions – Russian sport, and the project of the R6 World Rafting Champs in Russia.

Everyone will then participate in the Russian National Rafting Cup in international rafting teams, formed from the forum participants. Disciplines will be Sprint, Head-to-Head, Slalom and Downriver.

The best part yet – International Friendship Rafting – the final event of the forum, rafting down the Katun River on big rafts from the inflow of the Katun River Ilgumen to the inflow of the Ursul River (3 hours long).

Finished off with a final gala concert, awarding of certificates, gifts and prizes.

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