WRC 2017 participants – reminders

We hope you are looking forward to this event as much as we are!

Here are some reminders ….

That’s the hashtag to use for the WRC. So use it for all your posts where ever you make them. Twitter feed for #irfwrc can be found in the left hand column on the IRF website.

Team promotion
Email Nada so she can write an article about your team! Or send her links of ones already written about you.

Live Blog
There will be live streaming of the event! You will be able to find the link each day on this blog. And you can set it to post email updates as well.

Planning for your trip
Take a read of this article – Important travel tips.

Many countries need visas – make sure you apply for them well in time!

Travel insurance
Make sure you have it!

Bring your own water bottle so you can fill up each day instead of using environmentally unfriendly plastic bottles.

Registration – remember to bring passports!

  • Ages will be checked so make sure everyone in your team is the right age for the category you are paddling in! No exceptions.
  • Residency: if paddling for a country that you do not have the passport for and you have not been pre-approved – then please bring two valid proofs of residency (ask IRF Admin for examples if you need).
  • Make sure your federation’s membership fees are paid!

Here are some important links you will need: