Germany back on the World rafting stage!

Germany has missed the last couple of WRC competitions, but now they are back and determined, with a new, young force that we will see at this year’s World Rafting Champs. The new Open Men’s squad includes Ludwig Wöhrl, Fabian Bär, Siegfried Beier, Jonas Hegge and Sebastian Bundt who will compete under the supervision of Coach: Peter Micheler.


With the championship starting later this month, we spoke to Siegfried so as to get to know the team better.

Siegfried, nice to have Germany back at a WRC again. Since there are some changes since you last competed at the WRC can you introduce us to this new team, and the history of the German team in the WRC competitions?

GER Rafting Team won the World Championships in 2001 and the European Championships in 2012, but for the 2016 World Rafting Championships most team members are new in rafting so except for Ludwig and Fabian we’ll all be having our first Championships. With Peter as an experienced coach we’ll do our best. Only Ludwig has been to the UAE before, for professional reasons, so the WRC will be a big experience for all of us and we are really looking forward to the event. “

Do you all come from Augsburg and the white water channel?

“Yes, we’re all from Augsburg and the Eiskanal is our main training channel.”

ger-om-2016-2Do you see it as an advantage that you are coming from an artificial channel?

For sure a competition on an artificial channel is completely different to a natural white water river. But all artificial courses are different too so I think the advantage isn’t that big. We’ll see.. ;) “

We saw that you were in Čunovo with the Italians – I asked the Italians if the Germans are good sparring partners, so are the Italians good sparring partners? :)

“Our Training Camp in Cunovo with the Italian was quite nice, we trained a lot and hopefully learned something from the Italian guys too.”

Are you able to arrive early for extra preparation in Al Ain?

Unfortunately we’ll not arrive much earlier so we have to deal with this short preparation on the channel.

This Video is from our national Qualification in Wildalpen (AUT) in April 2016

What expectations do you have?

With our new team we want to achieve experience and have fun together. Hopefully we’ll not flip in the first Rapid.”

Is there something particular you want to see and experience in the UAE?

It’s a big experience to be in the UAE and our first night we’ll stay in Dubai so we’ll see those big skyscrapers, we think that’s impressive.”

ger-om-2016-1Anyone you’d like to thank?

We want to thank all our Sponsors and as well our Bavarian canoe association – Bayrischer Kanu Verbrand and our club Kanu  Schwaben Augsburg e.V. Thanks also to: DSI – DYWIDAG Systems International GmbH , Rafting Tours Augsburg, Deuter, Bollé, Kober Paddle.

For sure we’ll keep all of you up to date with our training and preparation for the WRC on our Facebook page: RaftingTeamGermany

It will be our pleasure to watch Germany in action again at a WRC competition. We also hope that this experience will be a good motivation to inspire them and that we’ll see them in Japan. They will be attending the biggest WRC competition so far, and since they compete in the most competitive category, we wish them a good stroke and most of all a good time in the UAE at the World Rafting Champs at Wadi Adventure.