Meet the Argentinian Open Women’s team

ARG OW 3Florencia Moreno, Carolina Irustra Magni, Valentina Castro, Veronica Quilaquir, Zilvina Zarte, Mickaela Romero  and Rebeca Lorca are the girls who will defend the blue and white colours of Argentina in the R6 World Rafting Champs this year.

This team consists of girls who were originally from different teams in Argentina. They gathered last year with the aim to win first place in the national competition so as to qualify for a trip to the WRC. They have succeeded in this, and we’ll watch them in Indonesia where they will “clash” paddles with other girl’s teams from around the world. To tame the Citarik River will be their new challenge and like they say: “We have all the passion and the strength to do it”.

Florencia, thanks for chatting to us. Before we begin with the questions we would like to congratulate you on your success and say that it will be fantastic to see you competing at the WRC.

ARG OW 2Only a few get the opportunity to represent their country at World Championships, so tell us what this means to you? 

“Merely thinking that we are representing our country is our passion, we get goose bumps , that’s the best description we feel when we are asked to go to this World Championship.”

This is not the first time for you, so what is it that motivates you to be so persistent?

“What motivates us to follow through is the feeling we get when on top of the raft and heading down rivers , the adrenalin, happiness, no words to describe it. We have the conviction of our passion and it is where our power comes from.”

ARG OW 5Coach Renzo Martinez and Ariel Dominguez (fitness training) are working with you on your preparations for the WRC. If is not a secret, can you tell us how you are preparing for this competition?

“Our training is a combination of both paddling on the river and in the swimming pool, plus working in the gym and other aerobic exercises such as jogging, swimming, etc. We are complementing this with physical and mental health care, both with good nutrition as well as attending the sports psychologist.”

What are your expectations?

“While there’s not many time that we are able to be together as a team, we strongly believe we have enormous potential and we work hard every day to achieve the best possible goal in the world. So knowing that we did our best.”

The trip from Argentina to Indonesia is very long and it required major investment, so who would you like to thank?

“Ministerio de turismo y cultura de la provincia de San Juan”, “Ministerio de turismo de la nación”, Gimnasio Calidad de vida, Botiquines San Juan, Rafting San Juan, Subsecretaria de deportes y recreación de San Juan, Remoindoor, Pileta numero 1 de Mendoza, Triunfo seguros, Go natacion, Gimnasio atp, Gimnasio yx, Diario de Neuquen, Medios de comunicacion: mdz, acequia, telesol, canal 8, diario de cuyo, canal 4; Ape, Vertical, Baltazar estudio, Complejo el Palomar, BioIN.”

ARG OW 4You are not only working your physical and mental preparedness, you are also preparing nice shirts for this competition. And there is no better place than the WRC competition to exchange T-shirts, so bring some extra along!

The WRC competition is right around the corner and soon these wonderful girls with their beautiful smiles will brighten this competition. We wish them a safe trip and a good strokes at the competition.