Final overall results of R6 Euro Cup 2015

A fantastic number of 58 teams took part in the R6 EC competition this year. This was 41 men’s and 17 women’s teams. Four R6 Euro Cups were held (Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy and Czech). Sadly three were cancelled: Slovenia due to high water, France and Germany due to lack of teams (definitely need to get the teams moving on the west side of Europe!)

Jan Skoumal
Picture: Jan Skoumal

Euro Cups are always a fantastic opportunity for rafters to gather, train, socialize and share experiences, learn from each other, to paddle on new rivers, travel and much more. 

In the men’s competition first place was team NK Liman of Serbia with 1817 points, second place was team Reflip 1 of Bulgaria with 1359 points and in third place was team Respect of Bulgaria with 1000 points. Congratulations to the winners of season 2015!

In the women’s competition in first place it was the ladies from Adventure net of Bulgaria with 1564 points, followed by their compatriots from team Reflip with 1267 points, while third place went to team Vopicky of Slovakia with 1132 points. Congratulations to these wonderful teams!

The R4 EC will end with the competition in Slovenia on the 19 of September at the Tacen artificial course. Do not miss this last EC and opportunity to socialise in 2015.

As every year so far we have enjoyed the EC Series, so thank you Stan Hajek, and thanks to all who organized and participated in the EC Series.

Remember, this is not only for European teams, so take the opportunity to come to Europe and hang out with us next year. We will put some new countries and some new rivers on the calendar for 2016., so don’t miss that. ;)