R2 in China – Race 2 – Dujiangyan

China 4Chinese Extreme Sports Association have once again invited teams from around the world to compete on the rivers of China. One team of two crew each have been chosen from Canada, Indonesia, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey, to compete and represent their countries, on the Stop2 – Dijuang R2 rafting competition.

China 3I had the privilege of reporting from the competition on this river last year –here you can read the article, see the photo album and watch the video.

Last year the two races, Stop1 and Stop2, were raced by the same teams but this year they are two separate competitions. The schedule for Stop 2 – Dujiangyan City, Sichuan Province,China is: 25-26/6 Registration, 27/6 Trainning & Tour, 28/6 Competition, 29/6 Rest & Tour & Other Activities, 30/6 Departure.

China two 1Before embarking on this adventure, we asked the teams what they thought about their upcoming visit to China.

Team Serbia, an all women’s team: Milica Popovic and Nadezda Matic (myself)

​”Last year we had the incredible privilege of being the first team to be selected from our country to participate in this R2 competition in China. Our experience with the trip was unforgettable, beyond every expectation.

China SER R2The R2 races, new river, the teams that we had the opportunity to meet, host and hospitality that we experienced are fascinating. We are so happy that this opportunity has been offered to us again. To compete on that beautiful river, to see some of those wonderful people again, wonderful China, is something we never dreamed of.

Regarding the competition, we hope that we will have more luck and we hope that our paddles will not break this time.​ :) We’re sure they won’t since this time we have been sponsored paddles from Highlander, thanks!”

China TUR R2Team Turkey: Kanat Karamursel and Savas İzmirli

“This competition will give us a chance to see historical and cultural China. It is a very beautiful country with friendly and hospitable peoples. Thanks go to the organisers for organising this competition. Thanks to everyone who has enabled us to go and be a part of this. We feel very honoured to be invited to China.. Thank you and see you..” – say Kanat.

Team Canada: Tim Wintoniw and Jon Booren

China CAN R2Tim – “I am pumped to be going to China for the R2 race. I have been involved in paddling for over 12 years. Paddling has taken me on some beautiful trips and amazing races in Canada and the World. Can’t wait to add to this list and represent Canada in China. I have never been to China and am just as excited to see the country and the culture as I am to race”

Jon – “I’m grateful to be able to travel to China with Tim, and represent Canada in the R2 race. I’ve heard a lot of great things from previous competitors who have been to the events and had a chance to experience the country, culture and rivers. I’m looking forward to meeting the organizers, other competitors and having a great time; I’m sure it will be a memorable experience.”

We look forward to hearing from them on their return.

China two 5The Sichuan Province in China, has many UNESCO protected sites, well worth visiting. Plus the place where the athletes will be housed is beautiful, and the hosts are very kind. And the competition is certainly unusual, so we’ll see how the athletes handle on this tight and fun course.

Since the teams are heading to China soon, we wish them all good stroke and a good time.