Open Letter from Russian Team to all Women’s Masters Teams

Dear Women Master Rafters

RUS3At the recently completed 2015 Euro Rafting Champs in BiH, after travelling 7000kms, we were faced with the unpleasant fact that we were the ONLY Open Women’s Masters team! It would have been stupid to withdraw from the competition so we competed in the men’s category.

Why ?! Where are all the over 40 year old rafting women?

  • We understand that some countries only started competitive rafting recently and so do not have enough 40+ women to form a Masters team.
  • We also understand that many women have the great obligation of children and that has taken them away from the sport of rafting for now.
  • And we also know that many Federations do not put any energy into forming or promoting Masters teams. 

BUT, there are many countries out there that could easily put together a Masters Women’s Team!

The Masters Division is the BEST!

  • No longer do you have to focus on chasing medals, but instead you are paddling for your soul.
  • You can absolutely enjoy the sport of rafting without the stress of success.
  • Enjoy the fun to continue competing without facing up against 25 yr olds!
  • You still get to travel, see old friends, be active on the water, make new friends and get to enjoy new rivers.
  • Training for up coming events is a great way to keep in shape and fit!
  • It’s a fantastic opportunity to compete at a mature age considering the fact that we extreme athletes seem to grow up a little late or never. :) 
  • The beauty of the Masters division – priority is to have fun, first of all, and to compete while doing so. 

RUS2So white water ladies around the world, let us get acquainted! We are ready to cross half the globe to see you! Don’t limit your social life by work and family! Let us be an example to our children, grandchildren and young sportsmen!

Masters women, start paddling again for your soul!!! Let’s see you in Indonesia!

Happy paddling,
Russian Women’s Masters Team

RUS1The Russian Rafting Federation whole heartedly supports their Women’s Masters Team and would like to challenge the other Federations to send teams in the future to the World and Euro Champs. Especially, they challenge the host countries.

The IRF is delighted with this Open Letter and the Challenge being put out by the RRF. We have seen how the Masters Men so enjoy their competitions. The camaraderie, humour and focus on enjoyment is a great example to all.

A direct challenge to the following countries:

  • USA – where are the Amazonkis? The USA has the depth of paddlers to put forward so many Women’s Masters teams! All we want to see is just one of those.
  • New Zealand – you have the most successful women’s team in the history of the IRF, many of them are now Masters – we hope to see them in Indonesia, just around the corner from you :)
  • Slovakia? You have shown us all how having kids need not stop one from being the best in the world – will we see you now in this category?
  • Great Britain – where are the paddlers that races at the Camel Challenge many years ago?
  • Czech – where is the team that won the IRF World Champs at Gauley, USA, 2001?