China R2 2015 – Stop 1 is Yichang

As in the past few years, this year will once again see the unusual competition of the R2 in China. R2 races are not common in the IRF. 

China bThis year there will be two races: Stop 1 – Yichang City and Stop 2 – Dujiangyan City. Teams from all over the world are signing up for these races in which there are only two competitors per country. The teams selected for Stop 1 come to us from: England, Denmark, Hungary, The Netherlands and Australia.

China cLast year we were there and brought you back some reports, photos and videos:

China dThis year the schedule for Stop 1 is: 11 June: Register. 12 June: Training. 13 June: Race. 14 June: Departure.

Excellent hospitality, great competition, interesting tours, delicious food, new friends, are just part of what can be expected from this trip. The competition and course are so unusual that it will stay in memories for a lifetime. The river is technically very demanding: fast, with plenty of fall, meandering from side to side, small rafts, falling out of the rafts, are all part of this course. But in the end there is an indescribable pleasure as a memory.

China aThis is what some of teams going to this first event have to say about this competitive adventure that awaits them:

Lillian Madse and Ida Bendtse from the Danish Team:

“We are so thrilled to be selected to be part of it this year’s China Rafting Series Competition. We just came back from the European Champions in China GBR DEN R2 2015Bosnia at Vrbas River and are now able to focus 100 % on the challenge in China. So now we are looking forward to meeting all the other competitors and proudly representing Denmark at the Yichang part of the Rafting Competition 2015.”

Great Britain: Chris Coward and Charlie Lodge

“We are both relatively new to the sport so it is a real honour to be selected to represent our country in China, particularly off the back of the European Championships in Bosnia. We are both really excited to get on the river and show what we can do and are confident we will put down a strong performance. We are heading out firstly to have a great time but we’re also confident we can pick up some medals along the way” – say Charlie.

China HUN 2015 R2Hungarian Team: Laszlo Bimbo and Szabolcs Nagy

“The possibility to travel to China and race there for rafting is one of the best rewards that  we can imagine in Hungary. Some of our team (Kanyon Raft Team) have participated before in these races and they have always said that they had a really good time and great experience. It is big pleasure for us, and we are really happy they chose our team. Our target in the race is that we would like to be one of the first 6 teams to finish.

Nederlands: Suzanna Koolen and Anne Reijntjes

China NED Suzanna:We are delighted to be able to travel to China to represent our county. We hope to enjoy the rafting, the rivers, nature and culture. I started rafting in 2010 and have done several World and Euro Championships.

Anne: ​​”We are both excited to go to China!! We would love to see the beautiful nature of China and we can’t wait to paddle there! In 2012 my sister convinced me to start rafting and I’ve been hooked ever since! Since 2012 I have participated in World Champs and Euro Champs and Euro Cups. Rafting means I have a goal to train for and it takes me to beautiful places in the world.“​

Australia: David and Kye Berry

China AusDavid:I have never travelled to China and am looking forward to seeing some of the culture, learning some of the history and seeing some of the natural beauty of the countryside we will be racing through. I am looking forward to meeting other paddlers from around the world and making new friends while doing the best we can when racing.”

Kye: “I have always loved the river for as long as I can remember and am excited to be competing in China in my first international event. I am also working very hard to get ready for the World Championships in Java at the end of this year. I am looking forward to meeting the other competitors from China and around the world and am determined to do well against them in this event. I am excited to see a little of China, try the food and learn about a very ancient culture.

I can’t believe that I have been given this opportunity and am very grateful. I hope to learn a great deal during this trip.”

Being selected for this competition is a real privilege. In a few days they will start their journey. We wish them a good time and a good strokes.