Training day two of R4 Euro Champs

Training day 1Another sunny day on “Divoka water” Čunovo, Slovakia

The second day of training was for Slalom. It went as smoothly as the first day, but the Slalom is more challenging   so the water was exciting and busy.

The track is technically quite demanding and so it took teams a lot of time on the course so as to familiarise themselves as much as possible for best results.

Teams tried out every line, crossed from the left to right bank numerous times. A few fell out the rafts but nothing serious, maybe ridiculous – stuck on the rocks. Eddies were sometimes too small for all the rafts to fit in. And there is no doubt in the minds of the contestants that this is a seriously technical and demanding track.

Training day 4The teams had two training sessions each of 1 hour due to the large numbers of teams there. For some, it was not enough, for others maybe enough.

It can be said that the Russian division, with a focus on the younger ones, showed amazing technical knowledge for his age. The general impression is that the young generation is proud of the sports rafting. Turkish athletes have also shown a remarkable readiness. But it would be nice if they came with a women’s team.

Tomorrow’s downriver training will be interesting as we watch them carry their rafts and jump into the water, just like it was at WRC 2010 in the Netherlands, Zoetermeer course.

Danish pizza
Danish pizza being cooked in the car

ERC trainingAnd in-between training teams can be seen playing frisbee, football, beach volleyball, slackline, SUP … a great atmosphere. Girls from Denmark are preparing pizza in the car. Yes, no joke, baked pizza in the car! :) Today the rest of the teams are expected.  The organisation is working very well – my compliments to the organisers.

This center – “Divoka voda”, Cunovo, Slovakia – has so much activity to offer tourists and locals. It is a real treasure of Slovakia and pride of Bratislava.

Photos from the training sessions can be seen on our Facebook page.