Day One of Euro Rafting Champs

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Podium U19 men SP
U19 Men Sprint

The first day of competition went very smoothly and professionally. I cannot wait for Slalom and Downriver! We were fortunate to have more sunny days and by the end of this competition it will look like we have all been on vacation!

Fifteen nations are represented at this competition. U19 Men – 11 teams, Women – 2; U23 Men – 9, Women –  5; Masters Men – 7, Women – 2; Open Men – 22; Women – 13. That is a total of 71 teams! It’s beautiful.

U23 Men Sprint
U23 Men Sprint


So far Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic have had the best results on the first day and taken the greatest number of medals. Italy, Russia, Latvia and Turkey have also climbed up on to the podium.

U23 Women Sprint
U23 Women Sprint

The course is the same, the water level is the same, the day is sunny, but now comes the Open Men and Women categories. It will be nice to compare how different the youth teams are from the Open teams, or will they have been better?

Masters Men Sprint
Masters Men Sprint

The event is being streamed live but we will still make a video about the event and you can relive later.

Todays H2H in the Open category should offer more great competition – we wish all the teams good stroke.s ​

Master Women Sprint
Master Women Sprint
Article by Nada

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