Euro Cup and 3rd University Championship – Nis, Serbia

Dear rafting friends,

Serbian Rafting Federation and Nautical Club “Liman” are inviting you to the Euro Cup and 3rd University Championship that will be held in Nis on the river Nisava from 16-18 of May 2014. It will be R6 with the four disciplines – Sprint, H2H, Slalom and Downriver on the river that has undisturbed and controlled flow of water of 50 m3 due to the power plant so a high-quality competition is guaranteed.
This is the river where the 2009 World Cup event was held and so far 4 EC, as well as other rafting competitions.

The time of the competition is just a couple of days before Euro Champs in Bosnia and it is therefore interesting for your teams so that they can check their preparedness and have a good workout. There is no fee, the camp by the river is free and lunch packets are also free. We are capable of providing free hotel accommodation for one female and one male team. If you are interested, apply on time.