Busy weekend just past!

EC Arouca 3 EC Arouca 2 EC Arouca 1

There were two Euro Cup events this past weekend. A brand new addition to the calendar is EC Arouca over in Portugal which I’m sure will be growing in popularity as it gets better known. This is a big festival which includes kayaking, rafting and plenty of other activities for all to enjoy.

EC Ausria Sprint women EC Austria Head to Head EC Austria Sprint men U23

EC Austia in Wildalpen is one of the most popular events on the Euro Cup calendar with teams coming from all over Europe and even as far as Brasil! In total there were 12 women’s teams and 35 men’s teams from 11 countries. Team “Fl’eau” from the Netherlands won the Open Women’s section and the Brazilian team (R6 World Champions) won the men’s competition. We also had the first time a men’s U23 competition in which the local team, “Rougthers Wildalpen U23” took first place and also did well enough to win the Austrian Championship.

Australia 3Australia 2Australia 1

Down in the Southern Hemisphere the Australians held their National Champs which had previously been cancelled due to severe flooding in the region. Pictures above are of their U19 teams.