Euro Cup R6 Series – final results for the year!!!

The Euro Cup 2013 – R6 final results are now confirmed!

Dajak Klub – 2013 R6 Euro Cup series winners

Men’s division – congratulations must go to Dajak Klub of BiH who have won the Men’s category. The points came from winning the Sprint, Slalom and Downriver at the Serbian Euro Cup and winning Sprint and Downriver at Vrbas Euro Cup in BiH.

Second was Kes Vir of Serbia and third was Adventure Net of Bulgaria

Adventure Net1
Adventure Net – 2013 R6 Euro Cup Series winners

Women’s division – winning this title for the third year in a row is the Adventure Net team! Although other teams have featured in the top 3 in a few years in a row, this is the first time any team has won 3 years in a row. Well done Adventure Net Women’s team!

Second was Raft Klub Kanyon of BiH and third was Reflip, also of Bulgaria.