U23 World Champions, Brasil – to defend their title in NZ

They will be at the WRC 2013 to defend their title which they earned at WRC 2011. The U23 Brazil men: Angelo Eduardo Degrandi (Captain), Gabriel Pessa (front right), Leandro Cavalcante (front left), Fernando Morassutti (middle left), Joao Luiz Rodrigues Junior-Stern (middle right), Jorge Nave (left back), Jonatan de Brito (middle right), with coach Joao Paulo Costa Paris, will do their best to take it home again.

The Brazilian Open team has achieved great success on the world stage, and the U23 team are following them so far. The competition this year, however, will be very strong. In addition to Czech and England, hosts New Zealand, who have the advantage of playing at home, also want to demonstrate their capabilities and to take the title for their country.

From 2009 to 2012 the team’s name was “BROTAS BOZO”. For various reasons the team’s name has changed to “Alaya Competition”. From the beginning one of the biggest problems for them has been a lack of sponsorship.

The major title that they have won so far was at the 2011 R6 World Rafting Champs in Turrialba, Costa Rica, where they were crowned World Champions in their age category. Other titles these young guys have won up until today are:

  • Alaya titles Competition
  • 2009- Champions – R6 Brazilian Foz do Iguaçu
  • World Champs Youth 2010- Netherlands – R4 10th Place
  • 2010- R6 – 1th Brazilian Extreme – MG
  • European Championship 2011- R4 – Wildalpen Austria – 5th place
  • 2011- Brasilian Champs R6 – 1st – Foz do Iguaçu
  • World Champions Youth of 2011- R6 – Costa Rica
  • Euro Cup, Wildalpen-Austris 2011, 3th
  • Euro Cup R6 2012 – Slovakia Bratislava – 4th place
  • 2012- Champions Brazilian R4 – Juquitiba – sp
  • 2012- R6 – tetracampeões Brazilian Delicioso – sp
  • 2013 – Bicampeões Brazilian R4 – Socorro – SP

Brasil U23 rafting

John, athlete in the team, says:

“All athletes has been dedicated entirely to rafting, to defend the title they won in 2011”

How does your team prepare for the competition and on which rivers are you preparing?

“Since the beginning of the year, the team has been dedicated entirely to training for the world championship.We are training daily, participating in some competitions to see the level of the team, going in search of experience to prepare for the championship in November ” – With this team, it is very obvious, they are totally dedicated to defending their title.

Is there a discipline which you are particularly good at?

Brasil U23 WRC11

“We enjoy the Head 2 Head, but we are training for all of them.”

Which team do you see as the biggest competitor?

Since the first World Championship, the Brazilian team’s main rivals are Czech Republic, Russia and Italy, but every year all teams arrive stronger and thus make the championship increasingly competitive.

Is there anything you would particularly like to see or experience in New Zealand.

“All our athletes are very eager to try the bungee jump. It must be amazing, hopefully we will also see some tourist sights.”

Will you be able to stay after competitions?

“We are doing whatever possible so we can see the Open competition, but nothing certain yet. It would be an honour to watch the best teams in the world in the Open category.”

Brasil U23 team

WRC R4 is in your country next year, can you tell me what kind of track it is and how difficult it is technically? 

“The next year will be a very special year for all Brasilian athletes who love rafting as being hosts to the World Championship is very special.

The artificial course is very technical and the water flows very quickly. The downhill event has very strong waves with many rapids and technical sections.

Music is very variable in Brasil, but as everyone knows samba prevails! Everyone will gather in Foz do Iguacu next year, and we are waiting with open arms for all teams to come see our country.”

It sounds great. It will be a wonderful event on a great river with a lot of samba!

Do you have sponsors you’d like to thank?

Yes, thanks to Alaya expeditions , Academy Active Gym Nutrition Supplements Food Idea , TCP (Posture Corrective Training)

Its never easy to defend your title, but these guys are determined and focussed. We wish them good strokes and a good time in NZ.


Article by Nada