Costa Rica X-Pinner Team to NZ

We talk again with the women’s rafting team of Costa Rica – independent, professional, fighters, athletes and confident in themselves, women who above all love white water.

In our previous article, (Club Rafting Femenino – hailing from Costa Rica) we had the opportunity to find out who is in the female team of Costa Rica. We learnt about how rafting fits in with their lives. This time we find out about how they are dealing with the up coming trip to the World Rafting Champs in New Zealand.

CRW GroupCrew: Ana Gabriela Rodriguez, Andrea Fallas, Catalina Elizondo, Lil Castro (CAPTAIN), Mónica Gutierrez, Marcela Rojas, Omara Fuks, Zumara Chavarria, Carol Vargas and coach – Alejandro Conteras.

WRC 2011 was very successful for you, you won a silver medal in the slalom, what do you expect from New Zealand and specifically their slalom course?

“Slalom has been always our strength, so we are training for it a lot. We hope to be ready because we heard about the difficulty of New Zealand rivers and we want to ensure we have the appropriate level of experience.”

Cr w raft

Will you go to NZ early to train?

“We hope so, the original plan is to leave on November 9, so we can start training on the 11, but it depends on the sponsors and the government, we are not sure yet” – Hopefully they will make it.

How do you prepare for this competition, what form does your training take?

“We are getting stronger and working on the communication in the boat, which is the clue for success in our opinion” – Everyone has some tactics.

It makes me think how many rafters are superstitious? Do some only enter the raft with say the left foot? And maybe take the paddle only with right hand? I had my “lucky hat”.  :D Do you have a habit you follow before the race? So some of the girls in your team?

cr w wrc11“Not a superstition, but every time we get on the river we pray; that we could call a habit.”

Is there anything you would particularly like to see and experience in NZ?

“We so badly want to run the 7 m waterfall, so excited for it! ;-)”

Are their sponsors who you wish to thank?

“We like to thank “X-Pinner”, who is the official sponsor, for our uniforms, and actually the new name of the team: “Costa Rica X-Pinner Team”. Also all the people that have helped us on this long journey, our Trainer – Alejandro Contreras, family members, our personal trainers and “Multi Spa Gym” who has been with some of us, the whol process. “Caribbean Breeze” was the big one to be able to go to the Nationals; they have many years with us and we appreciate their trust.”

Certainly this is a team that we will pay particular attention to due to their quality. We wish you all good strokes.

Their facebook page: ClubRaftFemCR

Article by Nada