Pre-Worlds in Brasil cancelled!

Due to too few teams being able to attend the Pre-Worlds in Brasil this September the event has had to be cancelled.

Itaipu CanalWith travel being so expensive this year and next year for most teams, getting to Pre-Worlds has proven to be a penny too far.

Training runs at other times

However –  if you are keen to test out the course at another time the Brasilian hosts, CBCa, are ready to welcome you on the same basis as they had planned to for the Pre-Worlds. So – if you are keen to go to Itaipu to train on the course then contact Dhevelleine Virmond, the CBCa’s International Advisory. Let them know when you plan to come and they will assist you to do this. It is essential you contact them well ahead of time so that you don’t clash with any other events being held there.