Top 5 Reasons to take your Family on a Rafting Trip

Looking to plan that next family adventure and can’t seem to decide where to go? Sometimes it is the hardest to plan vacations as the kids get older, and their tastes change. Even more complicated is when you have a family of different aged youngsters and teens.

Offering a solution to the problem is a family river rafting trip. Just think about it. Almost all travel tours and activities it can be hard to have the kids keep up with the teens, and lets face it, the parents with everyone else. A great way to have a family bonding trip and know that no one will be left behind is on a rafting trip. Everyone goes in one boat, everyone’s abilities are noted, and everyone is part of the team that makes the boat guide it’s way peacefully down the river. Bring your family together this next vacation and check out five reasons why you should take your family rafting.

5. If your family finds that they like river rafting together, the opportunities are endless. Each river offers different sights, rapids, and difficulty level to be conquered. Take Idaho’s, Salmon River for example, the playful rapids are a challenge yet feasible for all ages, and the sense of accomplishment after a good day of rafting is one that is hard to forget. You can enjoy the sandy beaches, and view the Nez Perce Indians sights. Once your family is comfortable rafting maybe they would even want to try some international locations.

4. The excitement of the day does not end with rafting. The kids can also explore the outdoors once you make camp, and the family can come together and roast smores and talk about the days adventure. What a great way to bond with your kids about a shared new adventure, and to daydream about tomorrow’s conquests together.

3. You are teaching your children a love for mother natures wonders. When you plan a trip with a T.V. in the hotel room, at the end of the day, the family more than likely will just veg-out in front of it. When you are enjoying a week long rafting trip it is like you go from one vacation to the next. Take this time to enjoy your children’s company, and to share stories of your family vacations when you were little. There are sure to be lots of laughs around the campfire on those nights!

2. Teach your children a bit about history; or, well let your river guides teach them. Each river has a tale to be told and your guide will know all about it. Let your kids connect with history and explore it hands on from the sight. This is sure to intrigue them a lot more than a trip to the library or even to a museum.

1. It is a safe vacation for all ages. When planning a trip with young ones, it is always a concern that all kids will be safe. With certified rafting guides along for the ride with you, you can be assured that you and your family are in good hands. The guides are also trained to help keep the kids entertained which is like having your own extra baby sitters on hand during your vacation. This means at the end of the day mom and dad can just sit back, relax, and enjoy staring up at the stars. If that is not a reason for a family rafting trip, I don’t know what is!

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