The International Rafting Federation (IRF) is recognised as the legitimate world governing body for rafting. Since 1997, we assist the global rafting community – sport, recreational, commercial, environmental and sustainability organisations – to advance all avenues and concerns of rafting.

We are a non-profit, democratic, global affiliation of national federations and sporting entities. Together we are responsible for fostering fair, credible and legitimate international rafting competition at all levels, and leading in raft guide standards the world over.

Latest news:

Guide / Safety

USAID BiH supports raft guides for safety at WRC 2022

Today, 24 candidates started their training for the IRF Guide Training & Education (GTE) raft guide qualification as part of the support that USAID BiH Sustainable Tourism Development Project has provided to the hosts of the 2022 World Rafting Championships (WRC). Following the course, all

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Croatia U19 Men

Croatia U19 Men hail from Slunj

The Croatia U19 Men’s team is part of the Kayak Canoe Club “Rastocki Mlinari”. They are situated in the small city of Slunj which is located on three rivers: Mreznica, Korana, and Slunjcica, and all of them are great for water activities such as kayaking

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Meet your BOD - Sue

Get to know your BOD – Sue Liell-Cock

Sue Liell-Cock was a part of the IRF founding group who met in Augsburg, Germany in May 1997. She became Secretary General in 1998 and has been holding that position since then, working with three Presidents – first Peter Micheler, then Rafael Gallo and now

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