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China 2019 Rafting World Cup now accepting team applications

The city of Ziyuan will once again throw open its doors and welcome teams from across the globe to the Ziyuan Rafting World Cup – this event will also be the 2020 IRF WRC Pre-Worlds event. Raft race teams are now invited to apply for registration to this now famous World Cup event. The competition will run from 21 – 27 July 2019 (dates changed). Racing will be in the R4 format for men’s and women’s teams. As this event will be a World Cup event, racing will only be in the Open category however, teams from all age categories are welcome to race.

All racing will take place on the Wu Pai river in Guang Xi Province. All four race disciplines will be run with teams taking on the rapids in the Wu Pai valley. Sprint, Head-to-Head and Slalom will all be run on a section now familiar with teams who have fallen in love with the river, region and people of Ziyuan County. Downriver will see teams sliding through the start line and down a weir to commence their journey through the twists, turns, rapids and gorge of the Wu Pai until finishing in what is normally a sleepy hamlet.

Teams can expect nothing less than spectacular in all elements of this event. From the warm hospitality, to the welcoming city, to the phenomenal ceremonies. With bigger than ever prize monies up for grabs, this event is set to be a sparkling jewel in the IRF race calendar this year.

City of Ziyuan hosts will cover all accommodation, meals and transfer costs for registered teams. Travel visas and flights will be the responsibility of each team.
The IRF has once again secured discounts with oneworld airline alliance offering up to 25% off standard flights to Guilin, China.

Full event details here
Completed application registration forms must be submitted before Sunday 02nd June. No late applications will be permitted. Any questions (not covered in the event details information letter) can be directed to: sean.clarke@internationalrafting.com
Teams will only be confirmed once flight itineraries (and receipts) are sent to the above email address.

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WRC 2019 participants – don’t forget your ….

Are you ready to Treasure the Tully? WRC 2019 is approaching fast! We hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are! Below are a few reminders to make your championship memorable for all the right reasons!

Planning for your trip
Take a read of this article – Important travel tips

Visas, customs and immigration
Athletes, support crew and supporters from many nations need visas – check now and apply for a visa immediately if you need one as it takes time and needs invitations and supporting paperwork.
Upon landing in Australia, there are very strict customs laws in effect – don’t get caught out! A basic rule is no food or natural products due to cross-contamination laws. More details on the Australian government website.

Travel insurance
Make sure you have it!

Water – Reduce | Reuse | Recycle
One of the IRF’s key principles is river conservation and looking after the local environment. Help us to ensure that Continue reading WRC 2019 participants – don’t forget your ….

IRF’s Athletes’ Committee for 2019 / 20

A new Athletes’ Committee is to be appointed by the Athletes at the 2019 World Rafting Championships in Tully, Queensland, Australia.

The Committee is made up of three candidates from Europe and 2 each from Pan America and Asia/Oceania, making a total of 7. Please see the list of proposed candidates with photos and bios of each.

As there are the exact number of candidates representing the regions needed there will be no need for an election. These candidates will therefore be formally appointed during the WRC.

There will be a meeting for all Athletes (date and time to be confirmed) at Event Head Quarters during the WRC. Each candidate for the Athletes’ Committee attending WRC will have a chance to speak. For candidates not at this WRC, a delegate will read for them. The Athletes will then get a chance to address the Committee and voice issues they feel should be on the Committee’s agenda for the future.

Please join us in thanking those who have been on the Athletes’ Committee for the past year and to welcome those joining the Athletes’ Committee from this year.

Meet our river family – Team Canada Open Men

This week we meet the Canadian Men’s rafting team based out of the Whitewater Region in Ontario, Canada. The team have attended several IRF rafting world championships and continue to strive to get better and learn from every event and opportunity. Their club is compiled of a number of veteran raft guides which allows them to field a team to compete as life has a tendency to tie up a few from continually competing every year. This year, they are proud to have a few returning team members to compete and a few fresh faces that will allow them to continue to grow the sport of raft racing in Canada.

Continue reading Meet our river family – Team Canada Open Men

We are river family – Bijan Arbab

Starting rafting in the very early “naughties” because he found a way to make money rather than spend it, this week we meet Bijan Arbab.

Desert hiking trips were a big factor in Bijan’s life and work experiences before he discovered paddling (and more importantly rafting!). In the Green Kalahari of South Africa, Bijan found a backpackers offering rafting where he used to stay when he was an avid desert hiker. At one point the company needed on-river help in camp with a big multi-day trip, so they asked him to come along. They put him in a 15 foot fibreglass canoe piled high with food and camp stuff, and told him to just follow the other guides. This experience made him realise how paddling is vastly superior to hiking (carrying food and water for a week at a time in a desert climate was not much fun at all!!). Slowly but surely he started hiking less and less and joining trips on the river more and more often. Finally, after a while his mates from the rafting company told him to do a course so that he could stop paying the guides and they could start paying him! In a nutshell that was what started his rafting adventures!

Continue reading We are river family – Bijan Arbab

We are river family – Team Teikei (Japan OM)

Training six days a week, competing at each pre-worlds for the last few years, and winning overall medals in the last few years, you might expect Team Teikei (Japan OM) to be all practice and no play but don’t be fooled, these guys are respected and widely accepted for their determination, ambition and team spirit. If you raced or even just watched the IRF World Rafting Championships 2017 in Miyoshi, Japan, you will have witnessed the strength and determination that has made this team one of the top ranking teams in the world.

More recently the team have spent a few weeks in Australia training on the Tully to ensure they are ready to #TameTheTully and take on the best of the best in the world. Right through to their core, these guys are about encouraging raft racing at all levels. They spent several sessions training with and sharing their experiences and knowledge with a few of the Australian teams. However, have no doubt that these Open Men mean business and will push through with all their might to the end of the competition. This week we meet Team Teikei hailing from south of Tokyo, Japan.

In the team for Australia are:

  • Satoshi Koizumi / Position: Captain / Left back
  • Gerge Tsujita / Position: Right back
  • Andy Shogo / Position: Left middle
  • Keita Nakahashi / Position: Right middle
  • Kosuke Yoshinaga / Position: Left front
  • Yuta Fujikawa / Position: Right front
  • A.killer Nakano: / Reserve
  • Shigeto Asano (Shige)/ Supervisor

The team trains six days a week at their training base in Hiratsuka-city, 50km south of Tokyo. Other than their recent training camp on the Tully, the team were at pre-worlds in 2018 and were a familiar face on the podium in Argentina. The team love raft racing and look forward to racing in China and hopefully in Malaysia this year.

Their ace up their sleeve is that Shige used to raft guide on the Tully for Raging Thunder a few years ago – so understanding the twists and turns of the river won’t be too difficult for the team.

The one element they are not looking forward to in Australia is the wildlife – “too many dangerous animals” is Shige’s quote – crocodiles, sharks, snakes, spiders, and jellyfish. The good news for teams competing on the Tully….. the sharks and jellyfish are in the sea and not the river 🙂

Japan Open Men are our River Family. Are You?

#AreYouReady #RaftersAreAwesome #RiverFamily #StrongerTogether #WeAreIRF

We’re looking for more stories of River Family – if you have a story to tell, email Sean with your story and photos.

China puts out the red carpet for the IRF’s 2020 World Rafting Championship

We are excited to be heading to the city of Ziyuan, Guang Xi Province, China where we will be holding our 19th World Rafting Championship on the Wu Pai River! This location was used for the 2017 and 2018 World Cup Series and will see another World Cup event later this year. Enjoyed by all, it was a popular choice as a great location for a World Rafting Championship and so we are delighted to present it as the location for WRC 2020.

The National Sports Administration of China, through their Water Sports Management Centre and the Guang Xi Provincial Sports Bureau, are pulling out all the stops to ensure as many teams as possible can attend this great event.

No Entry Fee!
Yes, you heard right! There is no Entry Fee! To ensure a fair registration process each team will have to pay a “commitment” fee of $100 USD which will be refunded when they arrive to compete!

Accommodation and local transfers are free!
Yes! The organisers are covering all your local costs as well! This includes transfers to/from Guilin International Airport (within a week of the competition), all transfers to/from the river, three meals a day and vibrant and engaging opening and closing ceremonies.

What DO you have to pay for?
You must pay for your own flights and visas. To help with that we have secured discounts to both Pre-Worlds and the 2020 WRC (up to 25% off on certain routes) with the oneworld Airlines Alliance.

Prize money!!
You also have the opportunity to win prize money! There will be 350,000 RMB on offer, which is equivalent to about $50,000 USD at today’s rate.

To sum up the key elements: 

  • Location : Ziyuan, Guilin, Guangxi Province, China (closest international airport Guilin – 60 minutes by coach to Ziyuan)
  • River : Wu Pai River
  • Grades : G2/3; DR has one G3+/4 short gorge section with plenty of safety cover
  • Dates : End July, start of August 2020 (exact dates to be confirmed)
  • Entry fee : None!!! However – each team will have to pay a “commitment” fee of $100, which will be refunded when they arrive to compete
  • What is included for teams : all local transport, accommodation and meals for all teams!
  • Not included : Teams pay for own flights AND visas
  • Prize money: 350,000 RMB, which is equivalent to about $50,000 USD at today’s rate.
  • Pre-Worlds/ World Cup in 2019: 28 July to 03 Aug 2019
  • oneworld Airlines Alliance: discounts secured to both Pre-Worlds and the 2020 WRC (up to 25% off on certain routes)

Full event details will be launched at the IRF World Rafting Championship in Tully, Australia this May.

In the meantime, check out the promo video here.

#AreYouReady #RaftersAreAwesome #StrongerTogether #RiverFamily #WeAreIRF #Ziyuan

oneworld® pleased to be appointed as Official Airline Alliance IRF WRC 2019

oneworld® is pleased to be appointed as the Official Airline Alliance for the IRF World Rafting Championship 2019

Registered athletes can now access discounted flights for travel to this year’s IRF World Rafting Championship in Tully, Australia.


Attendee benefits:

  • Discounts on flights for attendees and one travel companion
  • Travel up to seven days before and seven days after the event
  • Flights available from all oneworld member airlines and affiliates
  • Enjoy a user-friendly booking tool showing the most convenient flight options
  • 24-hour support via email or phone
  • Earn rewards and tier status points on eligible oneworld flights
  • Frequent flyer privileges including access to some 650 premium airport lounges worldwide, fast track at security lanes in selected airports and extra baggage allowance*
  • Seamless connections and quality service on oneworld member airlines


Take advantage today
Click on the button below or visit www.oneworld.com/events, select ‘Attendee’ and enter event code OW36A19 to access our online booking tool.




oneworld, the premier global airline alliance, brings together 13 leading airlines from around the world – American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LATAM Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, S7 Airlines and SriLankan Airlines. Together with around 30 affiliate members, oneworld’s network currently serves more than 1,000 destinations in 150 countries. For more information please visit www.oneworld.com

*Privileges depend on your oneworld tier status level. For more information visit www.oneworld.com/benefits

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European Rafting Champs 2019 – all the details for planning your trip!

It is not only the great Vrbas River and location that makes teams want to go back here, it is also the awesome hosts, Rafting Club “Kanyon”, with their superb club house/bar/restaurant right on the river and their friendly, welcoming style. A great place to gather and catch up with all the other paddlers from around Europe.

Key details:

  • Dates:              01-07 July, 2019
  • Location:        Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Organizer:      Rafting Club “Kanjon” Banja Luka
  • Categories:     R6 (M/F) – Youth, Juniors, Open and Master
  • Competition:  R6 (M/F): Downriver, Sprint, H2H, Slalom
  • River:                Vrbas, Banja Luka, class 3
  • Rafts:                RobFin 425

River: The Vrbas River is a fast mountain river, with several white water sections and pool drops. The length that is used for rafting is 31 km (from dam to downtown). The Vrbas crosses two canyons: Tijesno Canyon (5km) and Podmilacje Canyon (8km). The level of the water depends on the dams, but the usual limits are 25 to 100 cubic meters, and in spring it is around 300 cubic meters. Grade is 2-3. In July water temperature is 16oC, air temperature is over 25oC.

Rafts and equipment: The official raft will be the RobFin 425 (length 425, width 205, tubes 52, thwarts 2 pcs, material PVC, color sky blue) provided by the organiser. Teams are responsible for their own PFD, paddles, paddling clothing, throw bags and any additional paddling accessories they might require. We recommend a 3mm neoprene wet-suit for competitors.

Transport: This is up to you to organise. Most teams arrive in their own vehicles, the rest tend to hire while there. See detailed information sheet for hiring contact.

Accommodation: The Organiser will provide camping places free of charge for all competitors in the Krupa on Vrbas, with hot water, showers and toilets. You need to bring your own tents and other camping equipment. If teams want other types of accommodation with lowest prices in the city then see the detailed information sheet for details.

Meals: The Organiser will provide one meal free of charge for all competitors during the competition. The meal will be combined domestic and international food (and can cater for special dietary requirements).


  • Last date for registration is May, 15th 2019.
  • Registration Form – when completed send to Organiser AND to IRF Admin
  • Entry fee: €600 (EUR) per team,  (€100 per person)


  • Rafting centre “Kanjon” is located about 11 km from the city of Banja Luka. You need to drive through main road M-16 to Jajce, and after 11 km, you will see big rafting centre on the left side, with restaurant, rafts, etc…
  • Camp “Krupa na Vrbasu” is located about 15 km from the rafting centre “Kanjon” or 26 km from the city of Banja Luka, on the same main road M-16 to Jajce.

Rafting, tubing, kayaking and river conservation all in three days

At a loss with what to do with yourself in early July? Why not head to the tropical heat of Malaysia for some raft racing with a spice of tubing and kayaking thrown in. All with an aim to raise awareness of plans to dam the river (not something we condone!). This festival is set to welcome paddlers from near and far and raise community awareness of the proposed dam that will have huge adverse effects on thousands of people.

Join in all the action and sign up for updates on the dedicated website: