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World Rafting Champs 2019 – Australia

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Information Letters:


  • Event Fees: $2275 AUD for teams of up to 7 athletes – support crew @ $325 AUD per person. Payment must be made direct to the Australian Rafting Federation (details on the registration form).
  • IRF Fees: all members must be up to date with their fees due to the IRF. Please contact IRF Admin as to how to pay these fees.

Important Team Entry Dates:

  • 15 Feb 2019 – Entry closing date IF the team requires an invoice to be able to pay the entry fee (so the team form, WITH invoice details, must be in by this date.)
  • 1 March 2019 – Entry closing date for Teams NOT requiring an invoice to pay
  • 8 March 2019 – ALL Entry Fees must be paid by this date!
  • After 8 March – Late Entries may be accepted on a case by case basis with addition of a late fee.
  • Teams will be sent a “receipt of payment” when the entry fee is received by the ARF

Teams competing:


  • New Judges workshop – a Workshop and exam for new Judges will be run during this event.
  • Jury
    • Head Judge: 
    • Jury Members:
  • Judge Liaison: 
  • Official Judges: (12)
  • Volunteer Judges:
    • Any Judges who do the Judges course


Daily updates: Live feeds will be done where Wifi makes it possible. Plus updates will be posted during the event on the IRF’s facebook page, website and on twitter.

Results: Will be posted in the left hand column on our home page, as well as in the daily articles posted on the website, on facebook and in the live feeds.

Media Kit: Information for media

  • History of the International Rafting Federation – here
  • General Info about IRF: The IRF is a non-profit organisation which seeks to unite rafters from around the world. This is done through competitions, recreational rafting and conservation.The IRF has a 10 man BOD and a number of Sub-committees which run its affairs. The sub-committees are Sport & Competition, Guide Training & Education, Recreational Rafting and Conservation, Media & Marketing and International Relations. The members of these committees are from all over the world, representing rafting from all corners and continents.
  • IRF World Rafting Champs – History and disciplines of the WRC – here
  • Press: (link coming) on our facebook page
  • Photos and videos: (Link coming) and on our facebook page

CONGRESS: There will be an IRF Congress during WRC 2019.

GUIDE TRAINING & EDUCATION: We hope to run a Workshop after the event.


  • Dates: 9 – 13 May 2018
  • River: Tully River
  • Location: Tully, Queensland, Australia
  • Official Organisers’ social media:
  • Categories: Men and Women
  • Divisions: Open; Masters (40+); Under 19; Under 23
  • Rafts: R6
  • Organisation hosting event: Australian Rafting Federation
  • Costs:
    • Entry fee – Early pre-register on the event website www.wrc2019.com
      Registrations will be on the website. Entry AU$350.00 / team (max of 7). Extra competitors are $50pp. Registrations close 10 April’18.
  • Contact: coming
  • Information letter #1