Membership Application

If you are interested in becoming a National Federation Member please download and complete the NF Membership Application Form

If you are interested in becoming an Associate Member please download and complete the Associate Membership Application Form

With the NF Membership Application Form you need to include:

  1. a full list of the management committee or equivalent body with their position on the committee, their name and email address. Please also indicate who is empowered to sign correspondence;
  2. the text of the constitution (download a template rafting federation constitution here) and all regulations of the applicant federation where possible, in English;
  3. a summary of what their organisation has done to date under the headings of: sport, conservation, guide training, and recreational rafting;
  4. a basic strategic plan for the next 2 to 10 years under the same headings .

Notes re NF Membership application:

  1. Applications for NF Membership will be considered first by the Board of Directors for provisional membership and then must be accepted by the next Congress. A Provisional Member is entitled to compete in all IRF activities and to attend the Congress.
  2. This application and the texts required must be sent to the Secretary General of the IRF by email.
  3. The IRF Bylaws state “Applicants’ constitutions and regulations are to be adapted before applying for membership. The IRF will accept the newly drafted version with the application with the understanding that, on acceptance as a member, this draft will be accepted at their next Congress.” And “The name of the organisation is to have the word “rafting” in it.  Any applicant wishing for exemption from this ruling needs to apply to the BOD.”

There is also a declaration that has to be signed which states:

“We, as representatives of the above listed applicant federation, agree, on the condition of our admission, to accept, apply and comply with the IRF’s Bylaws and regulations, and have adapted our own constitution and regulations accordingly. We acknowledge the IRF as the sole governing body of international rafting. ”