II Basque Country Rafting Championship 2023

On 27th of may, the Basque Association of Beach Tennis and Minority Sports, the Basque Rafting section, organized in Bidarray, in France, French Basque Country the II Basque Country Championship of Rafting (Downriver). There we went 10 young (7 men and 3 women) from to do a rafting race, the II. Basque Championship of Rafting, down the river. We chose the same area and river as last year to start the journey higher up and a guide from another company in the area accompanied us.

We made three teams and with the help of one Bidarray guides we traveled about 6-7 kilometers down the river. Teams were: Ausartak, Bizkaitarrak and Azkarrak.

There was more water than the last year and we didn´t get stuck on rocks unlike last year.As for the race, although at the beginning there was alternation from the second half of the route the Ausartak team took the lead in the end of the race and won again the championship ahead of the Bizkaitarrak team.

The experience was again rewarding and very funour idea is to organize the Basque Championship of Rafting once a year (In Itxassou, Bidarray or Huesca), preferably in the months of march-june so that there is more current and water in the river.

This time Ausatak won again the race with a good time: 1:01:56. Bizkaitarrak needed six more seconds, so the end was very even. Azkarrak had a problem at the end and came two minutes from the first.

You can see the results HERE