16 teams have started the EC season in Romania on April 1st

And there is no April Fool`s Day prank in the above sentence ☺

Beginning of April marked the beginning of raft races on Europe`s natural rivers with the now at its sixth edition Dracula Race.

3 ladies teams and 13 men`s teams from Bosnia, UK and Romania raced over 2 days on the 40 cms flow of Buzau river enjoying all 4 disciplines and a little bit of party under the rain / no rain / rain again moody weather of Romanian spring.

Notts Ladies Team from Nottingham, UK was the overall winner of the Ladies event, scoring top in 3 disciplines and being overtaken only in Downriver by the local team MOE Ladies team from Brasov, Romania.

The ladies put up quite a show in H2H final run where they fought nicely for every buoy!

Third came the junior team Vointa Arad which intends to race in Euro Champ this summer too.

Men`s category was dominated by a very determined Dayak Club team from Banja Luka, Bosnia.

The Bosnians (contenders for the world title last year, remember?) lost the Sprint to a very disciplined Phoenix team from UK and then managed to score top in the last three remaining disciplines.

Funny thing, as they did not arrive in time to train on the Downriver section they did it as first descent and still managed to win it, staying a couple of boat lenght in front of the same Phoenix Team.

Romanian Outdoor Events Men Team managed to stay in top three across all disciplines and with a solid second in Slalom and third in Downriver managed to end the race on second position.

We witnessed spectacular duels in H2H, one in particular between MOE Masters and Outdoor Events 2 Men teams (yep, they`re part of the same club) which had the spectators cheering from the banks.

Same as always, our deepest gratitude goes to the judge and logistics Romanian & Serbian team who fought the chilly winds with grace and accuracy.

Same gratitude goes to the DJ Ovi, to the local authorities and of course our beloved sponsors #RAPgroup #Rehau #MaresOutdoorEvents #GrindProd #ZuzuFit #APELEROMANE #HIDROELECTRICA.

If you wish to join the race in the future here is how it looks, through the eyes of @Mihai_ Stetcu_Photography CLICK HERE