Where to follow World Rafting Championships 2022

Follow the live blog

The best place to follow World Rafting Champs 2022 is on the live blog worldraftingchamps.com/live

That is where you will find announcements like start lists, results, etc, as well as where to find livestreaming if it is available for that day, plus snippets of the action through pictures, short videos and posts.

We’ll be posting there all through the action, as well as putting provisional results there and anything else that may be of interest to teams and those following from back home.

Live Results


WRC Facebook Page

On the WRC Facebook page we’ll be uploading daily batches of photos, final results, daily videos and press releases.

WRC Instagram

On WRC Instagram you’ll find plenty of updates throughout the day.

WRC Website

On the WRC Website you can find the general information about the event and final results.

Live streaming

There will be live streaming for parts of the event. As we get details we’ll post them on the live blog