IRF History - Chuya

Turn back time and head back to Chuya

AreYouReady to head back to where it all started? Федерация Рафтинга России / Russian Rafting Federation are pulling together their bid to host the 2023 IRF World Rafting Champs on the Katun River (Class 3 and 4) and Chuya River (Class 3 to 5)!

Considered as the founding race that in 1989 pulled together nations from across the globe to bring peace and prosperity at a time of global friction, Project RAFT on the Chuya River saw racing take place on a truly international scale. Now with bigger goals and more determination to share the idyllic and spectacular region with the world, the Russian Rafting Federation, Government of the Altai Republic, Government of the Russian Federation, and Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation hope to invite you all to their unique and remote corner of the globe.

The bid encompasses racing for all groups with U19 and U23 racing on the Chuya River. Opens and Masters Sprint, Н2Н, Slalom on the Katun River, and the Downriver on the Chuya river.

Check out the promo video here:


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