#AreYouReady to race in Futaleufú?

Five months today, top teams from around the globe will start official training on the Futaleufú. Will your team be one of them?

Twenty years ago the International Rafting Federation was a young and developing global sports federation. The third Camel White Water Challenge took place on the Futaleufú river with teams from across the globe. Today many of these teams still race and still win medals.

It’s time to revisit and see if the top teams of today are as good or better than those original teams.

Competition organisers have invited the top 15 Open teams from this year’s IRF World Rafting Championship in Tully, Australia. The top 10 men’s and 5 women’s teams.

Competition is now open for up to an extra 15 teams from around the globe. A couple of criteria must be met:

  • only open or masters teams (racing is on grade 4/5 so under IRF race rules Junior & Youth teams cannot be permitted
  • only one team per country (maximum 1x men and 1x women per country)
  • competence to race on Grade 4/5 must be provided
  • $100 USD non-refundable registration fee per team

Competition organisers are keen to showcase the region and as such will provide a couple of days of tourism immediately following the competition.

The organisers will pay for accommodation, meals and all race & event tourism related transport (does not include any international or domestic flights nor transport through Chile to Futaleufú).

Teams will arrive on 15th March 2020 with training and racing starting in 16th March. Racing will finish on the 21st followed by tourism until 24th. Teams will depart on 25th March.

If your team is interested, send an email including your experience to:

Applications close 30th November 2019. Teams will be notified of application result by mid December.

We welcome Open & Masters teams from all fully paid up IRF member nations.

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