Ken Streater

Ken Streater aims to empower the rafting community at the IRF World White Water Rafting Summit

International author, social entrepreneur and raft guide, Ken Streater, will discuss how raft guides and adventure travel outfitters can transform their community and the world to inspire trust, ensure safety, and better the environment.

How raft guides and adventure travel outfitters can transform their communities and the world will be the discussion presented by keynote speaker Ken Streater during the first World White Water Rafting Summit of the International Rafting Federation (IRF) from October 8 to 13, 2019 in Costa Rica.

Streater, who is an international speaker, author, social entrepreneur and adventure travel outfitter from the U.S., is one of many international specialists who will lead powerful, engaging and interactive workshops at the Summit to be held at the Costa Rica Convention Center and the world-renowned Pacuare River. With the purpose of building on safety foundations in the adventure travel and sports industries, the Summit is backed by the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT). Over 250 participants from 25 countries are expected to attend.

“I am pleased to speak to a powerful group of rafting guides and outfitters about their capacity to transform their community and the world. River guides have a unique opportunity and obligation to inspire meaningful change with what they do every day,” said Streater. “There are virtually no other adventure sports beyond rafting that are founded completely in teamwork. And there is no better place than a river to share concepts of trust and collaboration in order to create synergistic solutions to pressing issues, and then to take real-world action steps from that experience,” he added.

A long-time river guide and adventure travel outfitter since 1983, Streater will share poignant stories of personal experiences and events that relate his message with action-oriented insights
to spark community and individual growth. One of his points is to encourage the river rafting industry to consider its role in preserving the world’s rivers and the natural environment.

“I think in this day and age it is critical, given the environmental imperilment that we are facing, that river and adventure guides become progressive stewards of local and global ecosystems. If
we don’t do something now, there may not be rivers to raft or wilderness to explore in the future,” said Streater. “Rafting is a metaphor for community. We all have the ability to
participate as both leaders and members of a team to make good things happen. Guides have beautiful positions to directly communicate with people to take environmental and cultural
changes seriously and be part of the movement.”

Additional Summit workshops will discuss important topics such as the advances in raft guide certifications; the latest in swift water rescue techniques; first aid and emergency management
in remote wilderness areas; rafting and world peace; and, how to work with language barriers and engage in non-verbal communications. The summit organisers encourage all adventure tourism outfitters and professionals to attend to ensure a well-rounded sharing of experiences and knowledge throughout the adventure travel community. Those interested in participating can contact the organization through the official website: or Facebook: @WWWRaftingSummit

Costa Rica was chosen as the site for the inaugural World White Water Rafting Summit because the country is a world leader in ecotourism, renewable energy, and environmental conservation. It is renowned for its beautiful rivers, rainforests, mountains and beaches, and people from across the globe travel here to revel in outdoor adventure sports like whitewater rafting.


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