Ales Danek

We are river family – meet Ales Danek

We continue our River Family series, by meeting Ales Danek, member of the Czech Open Men‘s team and Vice Chair of the IRF Athletes’ Committee.

Throughout this series we interview members of our River Family – you! We’re going to find out how people got involved, what keeps them motivated and why they stick with it.

Ales Danek And so we ask Ales, how did you get started in raft racing? More than 20 years ago it was a part (discipline) of national races of fixed boats kayaks and canoes so that was the ticket to rafting

What has motivated you to keep racing? Team work, fun, team sport, chance to be good together on any champs, to pass any exotic destination for world champs!

Which has been your most memorable race event and why? WRC 2010 – Slalom – I have never run so difficult slalom like that, broken paddle during and finally 1st place 8sec in advance – totally crazy race!… and WC 2016 in Tibet – racing at 3800m above sea level

Ales Danek

How many medals have you won over the years?  – Three overall WRC medals

Which was the funniest/most ironic? WRC 2014 in Brazil – two slalom runs during two days and downriver between them :)

Worst moment on a river? I nearly drowned several times when I was younger and fell over the boat where I was tied up and didn’t have air enough :)

What do you do outside of rafting – how do you maintain a life balance? Rafting is only possible due to family and work… :) I try to make paddling and other suitable sport activities that help my rafting (running, fitness)

Ales Danek

Any words of wisdom to those new to raft racing? I can recommend rafting to everybody, a lot of team fun, very good entertainment and if wanted to be great, the best preparation is to start with canoe slalom

What do you think is the key strength of the IRF? To take rafters to exotic and extreme world lucrative destinations for competitions. That’s the thing that makes rafting very interesting for competitors

When will we see you next? Next event will be WRC 2018 – R4 in Patagonia – I expect very competitive races and the most interesting destination for travelling afterwords! I’m looking forward :))

Ales Danek

Ales Danek is one of our River Family. Are You?

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